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Janet and Ann

a long time ago…..Janet and Miss Clairol Made Me Blonde    

                              This is an instruction manual for

  •  do-overs,
  •  living a good life,
  •  men, 
  •  kids,
  •  power words,
  •  how to live without fear, 
  •  how to keep your eye on the goal
  •  and your daughter away from bikini waxes

If you’ve ever had a bad relationship or felt life hasn’t been the one you wanted,  or think, “it’s time for me!”,  there’s no time like the present for a little do-over in life.   If you’ve heard enough dumb blonde jokes or other put-downs,  RECLAIM LIFE and have a ball!   Whether you are 25 or 75, it’s never too late to have some fun and change the program.  These are a few of my favorite things…for all blondes, brunettes and redheads, real or otherwise.

                              It’s The (NOT SO ) Dumb Blonde’s Instruction Manual for a Good Life  
…. full of cut to the chase, no nonsense, witty tips and research, ( get inside a man’s brain!)  It’s fun and funny and real.   


(Not so) dumb blondes do not live where wedding dresses cost more than
a down payment; where men promise, “I’ll take care of you forever”; where
sex and aromatherapy candles are pair bonded; and think that anyone
cares how many threads are in your sheets.  If this is what you think happiness
is, you are as delusional as any schizophrenic talking to the voices in his head.  Leave.
The tickets are free up until divorce; after that you pay a premium. 


Men’s brains are 11% larger in the anger and sex drive areas.


                              My First Lesson

As a woman, and a life-long blonde, from baby to bottle, I’ve had to put up with a
lot of stereotypes.

My consciousness was raised when I was eighteen and between my first and
second year at the University of Pennsylvania.  I took a summer class – a
graduate seminar – in American Studies and was the only female in our
small group.  I was also the only one who enjoyed Jonathan Edward’s
sermons and discussing Puritanism. The stories of the sermons were
fascinating – I loved how they were used to get the point across.  It didn’t rub off
on me because within 3 months I was pregnant, but that’s a horse of another
color (he was brunette).  Lesson – it’s possible to have a hot sex life with a recent
law school grad and still enjoy the theatre of the mind, – oh yea, and have a baby
in the middle of college. Back to the seminar – I got all A’s in papers, class
discussion and exams. I was shocked when I got a B.

Fast forward a few months to a conversation with my father, a doctor. He told
me a patient of his was surprised to learn I was his daughter and if he had
known, “I would have given her the ‘A’ she deserved. She was the best and
brightest there. I didn’t because every other student needed an A – they needed
them for grad schools and well, they were men.”

I just got angry again revisiting that bit of chauvinistic crap that really is a part of
American Culture. So, University of Pennsylvania, if you want to go back and
change my grade, I’ll take it.


                                       Life is short, one life, one time, what are you waiting for?
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                                                      In 37 pages and for only $10.95 you can have

                         The (Not So) Dumb Blonde’s Instruction Manual for a Good Life

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